Illustrations by Izzy bean



a guide to pricing to help you plan your project costs

The prices below are all in British Pounds, but you'll be able to pay in your local currency. Scroll down to see examples of the different types of services.

Service Type Description Price
Spot Illustration A smaller, stand alone illustration that takes up around one quarter of a page.
The image has less detail in the background and cannot fit more than a couple of characters.
Half Page Illustration An illustration that takes up half of one page. It can hold a lot of detail but generally includes a simple background. £120
Full Page Illustration An illustration that completely covers one entire page.
The best option to include lots of detail and complex scenes with detailed backgrounds.
Layout and design Preparing the layout of the book's interior, including text and non-illustrated pages, adding bleed and trim
and preparing the files for printing.
£150 per project
Cover design Creating a front and back cover wrap, including spine, blurb, title and barcode placement. (Not including illustration) £50
eBook Creation Creating an .epub, .mobi or PDF file suitable for eReaders and online devices. £100 per book

All prices include unlimited revisions and files can be supplied in a variety of formats, including PDF, jpeg, indesign, .psd and more.



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